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Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

Founder of the Matrix-Q Entrepreneurs & Investors Club

  • Multidisciplinary Researcher (self-funded research studies, Matrix-Q Research Institute): "The study of nature inspired ancient cultures and civilizations, their technology, knowledge, society, leaders, thinking, and innovation, enables the creation of a bridge between the past and the future of humanity. At the Matrix-Q Ecosystem we are addressing global, local, and pressing social issues with a new kind of holistic knowledge, "the ancient code, the principles of nature", facilitating a foundation for innovation, entrepreneurship, and personal growth.
  • Speaker, Coach, Mentor
  • Author, storyteller, and artist (900+ digital e-publications), performing arts producer
  • Explorer, traveler (lived abroad and traveling since 1997), organize multidisciplinary archeology expeditions (Matrix-Q Travel)
  • Multidisciplinary Innovator ( in 81 fields of applications: education, technology, strategic management, personal growth and leadership, mathematics, engineering, clean energy, new materials, arts, business, circular economy, wealth management, predictive tools, algorithms, gamification,  holistic health, entrepreneurship, communication, marketing, community building, resilience, human potential, economy, investment,...)
  • Holistic lifestyle trainer Matrix-Q Method ( Primordial yoga, conscious breathing, meditation, self-defense, nonviolence, positive emotions, work-life family balance, forest bathing, preventive health, sound for balance, brain GYM, ...)
  • Consultant, Sparring Partner, Trusted Advisor
  • Investor-Entrepreneur 
  • Serial entrepreneur ( created business projects, pilot and testing projects in Peru, Chile, Switzerland, Germany, Finland, the Netherlands, and online worldwide, since 1993)
  • Facilitates training (for Matrix-Q Certificates, licenses, and label candidates) at the Matrix-Q Akademia for the next generation of entrepreneurs, leaders and investors 

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Holistic Capitalism, Holistic-Circularity Wealth-Generation Principles & Quantum Entrepreneurship

  • The 9 Principles of Holistic Capitalism
  • Strategic resource management utilizing the 9 Holistic Capitals, or 9 streams of value
  • Holistic Circularity Principles applied to wealth generation, shared economy, shared wealth, multigenerational business projects  
  • The Matrix-Q organization model: Matrix-Q DNA enables continuous change & growth
  • Quantum Entrepreneurship Principles to navigate change and transition
  • The Matrix-Q Entrepreneurs Club https://matrix-q.club

Presentation code: KEY2000

The three lessons I learned as entrepreneur 1987-2022

  • The very first business (selling play time, renting video games) by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken in 1984-87
  • The study circle for personal growth and leadership at University 1993-1997
  • The Travelers' Organization (NGO) 1999 -2003
  • Follow up with business projects in the European Union 2002 -2022
  • The Matrix-Q Entrepreneurs Club https://matrix-q.club

Presentation code: KEY1987

Living Abroad Traveling in South Amerika 1996-2022

  • The very first solo travel and social-impact projects
  • How a travelers organization (NGO founded by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken) become a pioneer in impact-entrepreneurship and social business, by empowering NGOs, communities, and leaders to become self-sufficient/self-sustained in South Amerika Pacific Coast
  • The Matrix-Q Travel Club https://matrix-q.travel

Presentation code: KEY1996

Learning-by-playing 1993-2022

  • The very first study group was created and facilitated by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken in 1993 (University, 80 attendees from all faculties, Multidisciplinary)
  • How through role-play, gamification, and simulations, Luis built capacity in leaders
  • Emotional intelligence, empathy, leadership, personal growth, creativity, multidisciplinary collaboration, entrepreneurship, social impact
  • The Matrix-Q Holistic Data-Driven Gamified Challenge-Based Methodology, and why we need it today, if we want to succeed in the following 100 years
  • The Matrix-Q Akademia https://matrix-q.academy  and the Matrix-Q Games https://matrix-q.games

Presentation code: KEY1993

Changing the landscape of society, leadership & entrepreneurship

  • The role of education (Holistic, data-driven, gamified, challenge-based education)
  • Mindset Shift / Transition: from Academic to Entrepreneur-Investors
  • Hands-on purpose-driven entrepreneurship, and service-driven leadership, as a path for personal growth
  • How technology plays a key role in the transition of our society: the digitalization of the individual and corporate identity, remote learning, co-creativity, communication, and agile entrepreneurship
  • The Matrix-Q Akademia https://matrix-q.academy

Presentation code: KEY2022

Navigating Change & Transition

  • The skills set of the next generation entrepreneurs 
  • The challenges of navigating change and transition
  • Technical use of emotions, feelings, body awareness, empathy, listening, perception, and intuition for decision making  
  • Holistic strategic management and decision-making in times of uncertainty, continuous change, ambiguity, complexity, and transition
  • From linear thinking to cycles thinking, from systemic thinking to quantum thinking
  • The Matrix-Q Challenge for Entrepreneurs https://matrix-q-challenge.com

Presentation code: KEY2000

The 27 Leadership Archetypes

  • Personal leadership and leadership in business, from the perspective of personal growth and holistic skills-set development
  • The 9 stages of personal growth in a leader, the 9 primordial archetypes
  • The Matrix-Q Avatar Game  https://matrix-q.games

Presentation code: KEY2000

The Matrix-Q Sound

  • Matrix-Q Studio Research Projects www.matrix-q.studio
    • Mental Health
    • Regeneration
    • Brain GYM
    • Geometry & Human Body
    • Multidisciplinary performing arts
    • Technology
  • The Matrix-Q Sounds (Tones) in the history of sound therapy, from antiquity to modern use of sound. 
  • The benefits of the HandPan for mental health

Presentation code: KEY1993A

Multidisciplinary Research

Nature-Inspired Ancient Cultures & Civilizations

  • The first archeological sites I did visit, what I did discover, and how
  • From holistic principles applied to health, philosophy, arts, and culture, to technology, agriculture, mathematics, algorithms, and architecture
  • The code of nature: an ancient mathematic system used for proto-computing combined with human computing
  • How quantum computing was done by ancient civilizations?
  • The Matrix-Q Primordial Games https://primordial.games

Presentation code: KEY1982

The Human Evolution Time-Line

  • The Matrix-Q Method applied for the study of the human evolution timeline
  • Why emotional intelligence and big-data analysis are of pivotal importance for the next stage of human evolution and for a global civilization in peace
  • The 9 Types of Civilizations, according to the Matrix-Q Knowledge
  • The human competencies that artificial intelligence can not displace
  • The Matrix-Q DNA Code and Holistic Data applied for the development of human inclusive technology
  • Why do we need Matrix-Q Specialists?
  • Matrix-Q Technology https://matrix-q.tech

Presentation code: KEY2012

What do we all humans have in common?

  • What we all humans have in common?
  • The challenges of scaling education and at the same time upgrading the education methodology
  • Digital data-driven tailor-made education assisted by A.I.. complementary to a mentor or coach
  • Indirect learning, holistic, gamified and challenge based learning
  • The Matrix-Q One Program Exploration: Collective Learning www.matrix-q.one 

Presentation code: KEY20221

The 9 Primordial Principles of Health, Happiness & Joy

  • Prevention Mindset and its relevance in times of change and transition
  • The 9 primordial principles of health, happiness, and joy
  • Holistic Balance: Work-life balance, quality time, happiness at work, purpose, community resilience, regenerative health practices, brain GYM, and personal growth 
  • The art of utilizing prevention mindset for health, relationships, business, and culture

Presentation code: KEY1999

The Spiritual Path of Doing Business

  • 9 Lessons on personal growth I learned as an entrepreneur (1993-2022)
  • Life-long learning journey and mindset shift: from academic/researcher mindset into Entrepreneur-investor mindset 
  • Living abroad traveling as an entrepreneur and researcher: What I have learned from holistic thinking and spiritual perception of life, by nature-inspired ancient cultures and civilizations
  • Human after all: What do we all humans have in common
  • The Matrix-Q Breathe Method  https://matrix-q.studio/breathe

Presentation code: KEY1987

The I Ching Theta

The Book of the Primordial Changes

  • Why and how did I create a new (non-binary) I Ching
  • How and why ternary and nonary principles are more suitable for computing, social and natural science, and the study of human potential
  • The primordial  archetypes
  • What can be done with the I Ching Theta, Nonary Predictive system
  • The Matrix-Q Quantum Vision - Futurist Prediction https://matrix-q.vision

Presentation code: KEY2017

729 Archetypes of Gender

About gender diversity & inclusion

  • How we generated 729+ archetypes of gender (gender identities)
  • Why a ternary/nonary system for gender studies is more suitable than a binary system
  • Implications for inclusion, diversity, fluidity, personal growth, and sexual-lifestyle

Presentation code: KEY1997G

The impactful art of story telling with multidisciplinary performing arts 

  • Explorations 1993-2022
  • Conscious performing arts: From a personal growth workshop into a stage performance
  • Integrating holistic preventive health, with body arts 2005-2014
  • The indirect path for learning new skills: Emotional intelligence, personal growth, and multidisciplinary performing arts
  • Utilizing the algorithmic code of nature for communication and self expression
  • The SunDance Theta Ensemble https://sundancetheta.nl

Presentation code: KEY1993A


The Primordial path of the Heroe

Or the algorithmic path of human enhancement

  • Research studies on martial arts, yoga, dance, and conscious sexuality (1993-2022)
  • The non-violent practice of self-defense starts with personal growth
  • The primordial symbolic language of nature inspired ancient cultures and civilizations
  • The Matrix-Q Geometry & Matrix-Q Sound, a language of peace, translate all systems of martial arts, yoga, dance, performing arts, and conscious sexuality
  • Primordial algorithms, and the path of human enhancement
  • Matrix-Q Brain GYM, Matrix-Q Prime-Do Do-Jo

Presentation code: KEY1987D

  • We host and facilitate keynote presentations by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
  • We also organize events for the Matrix-Q Entrepreneurs Club, The Netherlands
  • The keynote presentations modality is: interactive and gamified

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